Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications provides top-quality metal fabrication services for the Collegeville Area.  Backed by years of welding experience in mig, stick, and tig welding processes, and an eye for detail, Matt and his team can make your project come to life. You can find all the services you need from our welding and fabrication experts in the Collegeville, PA area today!

Custom Welding & Professional Fabrication Services

Whether you are looking to give your home an updated look with a new railing or your truck needs a customized storage option, our trained professionals in Collegeville, PA will be able to handle your needs. Our fabricators use high-grade equipment and work according to industry standards and protocols, so there is no second-guessing our welding services in Willow Grove, PA, and across the area. With more than ten years of experience in the field, we have worked on projects large and small and can provide references upon request if needed.

Skilled blacksmith in Collegeville, PA

Contact Us Today to Speak to a Blacksmith or Welding Expert!

We offer both blacksmith and welding expertise in the Collegeville area. If you need a blacksmith to help with an ornamental iron gate or custom-made hooks, Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications is ready to help.

Contact our company if you are looking for welding and metal fabrication services near you! Our welders have over a decade of knowledge and experience and are familiar with all aspects of these projects. Contact us when you need a welding company in Collegeville, PA.

We Offer Custom Fabrications

We know that finding the parts you need in-store is not always possible, so we also offer custom fabrication and iron works services. That means having a part created from scratch to meet your specifications, whether you are looking for a custom accent table, or building an iron fence. Our crew of welders can work with metal of all types and sizes and create different designs such as intricate scrollwork or brackets for window treatments if needed. There are endless opportunities when it comes to our custom fabrication services in Collegeville, PA!

Whether you are looking for someone to match an existing design or have an idea for a project you would like to build, our metal fabricators will work with you to ensure there are no loose ends. Whether at a residence or an industrial storefront, our fabricators ensure they have what they need to weld your outdoor and indoor railings, equipment, and gates. Our mobile welding team is always prepared to attend to your needs including aluminum and stainless steel welding.

MIG welding in Collegeville, PA