As per building code railings must be 34-37 inches high. We aim for 36 inches when we fabricate our railings. 

This depends upon the location of the railing. Any steps total of 20 inches or more in height (usually 3 steps) are required to have balusters spaced no more than 4  inches apart.  

Any railings with a 20 inches or less drop-off can be left open. 

We recommend powder coating, as it is the most durable finish. Oil based paint options are also available. Both options include a primer layer over steel railings,  but is not needed for aluminum.

Many railing designs are available in either mild steel or aluminum. More custom designs may only be available in ornamental iron. We also offer wooden cap rail and posts for some of our indoor designs.

Yes. We require a 50% deposit along with the signed contract before a job can be scheduled and materials are purchased.

Yes. Any post set in soil will have wet mix concrete set around the post. Any posts being set in concrete, brick, or block will be core drilled and set using  hydraulic cement.  

There are times where it makes sense to use post on plate with concrete anchors.

That depends. Usually new construct will require a permit. Replacement of an exciting railing usually does not, but you will need to check with your township.

Yes. Our contractors license is valid any where in the state of Pennsylvania and Delaware. We are also insured in both states.

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