Railing Services

Standard Railing

Our standard railing built with solid square material, straight balusters and posts.

Twisted Solid Posts
Twisted solid posts with alternating twist balusters, and butterfly scrolls centered in each panel offer elegance and stability.
Alternating Baskets

These alternating baskets add a touch of class to the twisted balusters. Plastic shoes disguise mounting cement and hardware.

Twist Balusters
This classy style offers alternating twist balusters coupled with modern style collars. Solid square steel finished with powder coating for durability.
This aluminum railing brings a modern look to any stairs or patio.

This swoop railing brings a unique look to any stairs.


Alternating hoop and straight steel balusters welded to square top rail and flat bottom rail and with square posts for a modern look.

At Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications, we can provide welded and fully assembled small structures for commercial, industrial, and residential use. As a local family business, we strive to provide custom-made designs that meet your specific needs.

We Weld Iron Stair Railings for Both Indoor & Outdoor Use

Our stair railings can be an essential part of indoor and outdoor use. Such railings are often the first aspect people see when they visit your home, which will significantly impact whether they like it. Our high-quality wrought iron railings in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, can give your property a classic look and can add to the value of your property. We offer a variety of sturdy wrought iron railings that are designed and constructed to meet all building code requirements. Our product is built to last in any climate with no maintenance required beyond occasional cleaning. Our quality products are a practical investment for years of safe use.

We have a team of skilled craftsmen trained to produce high-quality handmade wrought iron railings. Our products are designed and constructed to the highest industry standards. Our modern stair railings can come in various shapes, materials, and finishes, depending on your taste and budget.

Why Hire Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications?

Expert Advice From Our Qualified Welders And Metal Fabricators

We hire people who are passionate about their jobs and believe in offering high-quality metal fabrication services to each client. Our staff can manage everything in a calm and organized manner. We would be happy to provide you with the best residential iron gates as well. Whether you need a railing repair or other welding service, our staff, with more than ten years of experience, will be able to provide you with the advice you need on every step of the process.

ADA Compliant Railings for Commercial Properties in Montgomery County, PA

It is required that all commercial properties have commercial-grade railings installed so that they are compliant with accessibility standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). At Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications, we customize and incorporate a design you like that will meet all ADA and building code requirements. The problem with many railings available on the market is that they may not meet ADA standards, or if they meet those standards, their quality can be questionable.

Our railings follow ADA guidelines to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. They provide sturdy support for those who need it to make their way around your property safely. Our goal is to create a beautiful design element and an installation that will keep people safe and secure at all times.

Our Process

Step 1
Starts with custom design to perfectly fit your space
Step 2
All local codes taken into account
Step 3
Gather raw materials in 20-24’ lengths
Step 4
Figure out all angles, measurements, take offs
Step 5
Cut down into individual pieces suitable for fabrication
Step 6
Any twisting of balusters or posts made by hand
Step 7
Every piece fit up by hand to specification
Step 8
Pieces clamped in place to prevent distortion
Step 9
Assembly tacked together
Step 10
Double check angles and lengths
Step 11
Fully weld assembly in an order to prevent distortion
Step 12
Flame bend caprail along top of railing and stitch weld in place
Step 13
Hot forge lambs tongue or volutes on ends
Step 14
Cleanup welds
Step 15
Send to finisher
Step 16
On install day, core drill holes for posts and set with hydraulic cement
Step 17
Clean up work area and railings

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Our team is ready to help no matter what type of metal fabrication you need. We have a variety of railing repair services to choose from. Whether stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, or any other type of metal, we at Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications have the necessary equipment and resources to get the job done right. We specialize in residential iron gates, and we are here to help you as well. If you need a modern stair railing or fence welding in Montgomery County, PA, contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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