At Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications we offer welding services in which we can use mig, stick, or tig welding. For our indoor jobs, we use tig welding because it produces less smoke and sparks. Mig welding is done mostly on our ship in our fabrication processes on things like railings and truck storage boxes.  We use stick welding mostly in the field on jobs like commercial gates. If you are looking to have a project welded in Lansdale.

Our Skilled Blacksmiths Are Trained in TIG & MIG Welding

Our skilled welders in Lansdale, PA, are trained in TIG & MIG welding as a part of their training process. Using these processes ensures that our welders have the versatility and necessary skill set to produce high-quality pieces that stand the test of time. 

Our welding services near Collegeville, PA, and Lansdale offer to weld steel, cast iron, and other metals with MIG and TIG welding processes. Using a TIG or MIG welder, our team will establish electric arcs across the gap between two pieces of metal inserting a filler metal to form a permanent bond. The welding process requires the control of many variables including wire speed, amperage, gas coverage, and others. 

The team at Matt Ehrenzeller Fabrications located in the Lansdale area knows the necessary to complete a metal fabrication project with precision.

Welding shop in Lansdale, PA

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We are a specialized welding shop with years of experience. Our trained welders are skilled in TIG and MIG welding, and we do it all! With our in-depth knowledge of different metals types, thicknesses, compositions, high-grade equipment, and premium quality materials, you can be sure that you will get nothing but the best from us! Contact us now to see how we could help you with your specific project around the Lansdale area.

Does Your Commercial Property Have ADA Compliant Railings Installed?

As the demand for ADA-compliant railing increases, the benefits of installing these railings in commercial properties are becoming well-known. That is because our ADA railing provides functional and aesthetic advantages for many retail locations across the Lansdale area. Stairways, entrances, and walkways become safer by adding a barrier between pedestrians and traffic. The addition of a railing also allows establishments to comply with various state regulations that seek to protect employees from falling or jumping downstairs.

 For your business to get the full benefits of railings, you must choose the right customized ADA railing in Lansdale, PA. As a leading manufacturer of custom-made ADA-compliant railings, we provide our clients with different styles and designs that can perfectly match their interior design.

Our heavy-duty wrought iron railings are perfectly suited for outdoor environments, public spaces, and commercial properties across the Lansdale area, and they create a long-lasting impression on visitors. The variety of styles and designs we provide at our fence welding shop makes it easy to personalize your railing system with various safety accessories, including stair treads, handrails, and guardrails. 

With the long-lasting construction of our railings, they are ideal for commercial properties in the Lansdale area with high foot traffic. Such locations can benefit from an ADA-compliant railing system installed by our mobile welding professionals.

Looking For Blacksmith Services?

We offer a variety of blacksmith services for that added detail to any home or property. Here are some of the services our blacksmiths offer near you:

  • Custom Railing 
  • Ornamental Iron Gates
  • Wall Hooks
  • Table Legs
  • Benches 
  • & more
ADA compliant railings in Lansdale, PA